Check Out The Best 6 Android Browsers

Apart from making calls, taking pictures and chatting, browsing the web is a day-to-day activity for Android users. As a matter of fact a large percentage of Android device users browse more than they make calls.

Android Smartphones on the other hand comes with default browsers but what we Android users really desire are smart and fast browsers and that can’t be found in default browsers.

So, with my experience on Android browsers and a little bit of research i’ve been able to gather up the best 6 Android browsers. The below browsers are totally cool, smart and i believe they provide a super-faster browsing. Let’s check them out.

Chrome Browser

The Google chrome is a very powerful web browser known for its simple interface. Research shows that it saves more browsing data compared to most top browsers. I have the chrome browser installed on my Android device and it’s no doubt very fast and easy to operate.

Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin web browser comes with lots of cool features and provides a super-speed browsing. You can easily switch between mobile and desktop view, save WebPages on speed dial, change themes and so on. It also offers voice recognition and private browsing mode feature. Dolphin browser is said to be one of the fastest Android browser ever.

Opera Mini Browser

Opera mini for android is a powerful browser recognized for its quick downloads and great functions. It’s one of my most used browsers and a lot of android users are sure enjoying it. Some of the major features of opera mini include – multi-tabs, sped dial/bookmarks, easy share of WebPages via Bluetooth, messages and social networks.

Firefox Browser

Firefox for Android Falls within my favorite browsers, it’s pretty fast and supports add-ons. It also offers speed dial and features sharing of pages to social sites installed on your device. The Firefox browser is not much different from Google chrome browser.

UC Web Browser

UC web browser for Android is very popular among Android users and highly rated in the play store. You can download large stuffs in no time and easily share to friends via social apps. UC browser for Android also opens multiple tabs, supports add-ons and allows users customize its look.

Maxthon Web Browser

Apart from the fact that its browsing speed is incredibly fast, the Maxthon browser for android also enables sharing of WebPages, multi-tabs, add-ons, bookmarks and so on. It’s really an awesome browser and it seems to focus more on entertainment category.

Note that these best 6 android browsers are downloadable for free on Google play store.

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