Easily Print From An Android Device

Android as one of the most popular and advanced operating system offer users a lot in terms of functions and features. Android phones and tablets are no doubt powerful, extremely portable computing devices that can get a whole lot of work done in the comfort of your palms and this includes printing out photos, documents and more.

In this post, we will be guiding you step by step on how to print from an android device and at the end you will never have to send documents to your desktop in order to print them out.

How To Print From An Android Device

Here, we will be making use of Google cloud print which is a technology that connects your printers to the web. The cloud print works perfectly on android devices and allows users easily connect to their home and work printers. This implies you can send items to your printer from almost anywhere so far they are connected to the android phone or tablet in use.

Cloud print however isn’t limited only to devices operating on android OS, it is as well compatible with other devices running chrome such as the iOS.

Follow the below guidelines to successfully print documents from an android device in no time.

1: Find Out If Your Printer Is Cloud Ready

The very first step to take is to know if your printer is cloud ready; nevertheless, almost every modern printer has this feature. To know the cloud status of your printer, head over to the cloud print site and locate your printer model (if it supports cloud, you’ll find it). Once you locate it, follow the instructions provided to set it up. You are ready for the second process once the setup has been completed successfully.

Note that WiFi supported printers has more advantage as you can connect with your android device and send documents to your printer from a distance.

For Cloud Unready Printers

Printers that aren’t cloud ready can as well be used. Keep your computer ON and connected to the printer and internet, then follow the below steps.

⦁ Open chrome (which is essential for cloud print to work)

⦁ Sign in with the same Google account on the android device which is to be used for printing

⦁ Go to settings – Advanced settings – Manage (under cloud print)

⦁ Click on “add printers” to select your printer, then save by clicking again on “add printer(s)

2: Configure Your Android Device

Configuring your android device to print isn’t as hard as it sounds; it’s actually the easiest process. Open the play store on your device and download Google cloud print, that’s the app that will control the printing work on your android phone or tablet.

The Google cloud print app is a print plugin on android kitkat and a standalone app on earlier android versions. Using this app you can print from supported android devices to any connected cloud print printer and as well tack your print jobs. Install the app and lets start printing.

3: Now You Are Ready To Print

With the first and second guideline successful implemented, you are now ready to start printing from your android device.

To print out from your android phone or tablet, tap the cloud print app menu button and select print. The other procedures are extremely simple; it goes from choosing your printer to selecting the paper size, color and so on. Once you are done, tap “print” and the document will be sent to the connected printer. It’s as easy as that.

IOS device users and other chrome supported devices can as well utilize the Google cloud print and enjoy printing from the comfort of their palms.

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