5 Must Have Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone accessories are those hardware and software designed to enhance the performance of your smartphone. They are not crucial, smart devices can function properly without them but they’ll make it more enjoyable. So, today i’ll be listing out the 5 must have smartphone accessories.

The accessories you’ll acquire totally depends on you and the aspect of your smartphone you tend to enhance, but the below are major accessories every user should have.

Screen Guard

A screen guard is a must have for all touchscreen smartphones. As the name implies, it guards and protects your device screen from scratches and possible harm. The screen guard takes the hit, when it sustains enough scratches it can be replaced, leaving your smartphone screen all new.

We have the dark tinted and normal (transparent) screen guards which are the most popular. However, the normal screen guard is recommended as the other will require you to increase your smart device screen brightness which can easily drain your battery life. Most smartphones come with a screen guard, but if yours doesn’t; get one ASAP.

Phone Cover

A phone cover works pretty much like the screen guard, it protects the physical aspect of your smartphone. We have two major types of phone covers, the flip cover (covers both the back and screen) and the back cover (covers only the back). A phone cover plays an important role in the protection of your smartphone; it actually reduces the damages your device will sustain when hit against another object. Most users aren’t comfortable using a phone cover but if you are the careless type, i recommend you acquire one.

Power Bank

A power bank is an electricity storeroom which can be used to charge your smartphone; they are very portable and affordable as well. It’s recommended for users with low battery capacity device, unsteady electricity supply or users that are always on the move. Note that on buying a power bank, the higher the “mAh”, the batter.

USB Cable

A USB cable eliminates the need of transferring files between your computer and smartphone using Bluetooth which you may already know is time consuming. With a USB cable, all you are required to do is connect to both devices and have all those videos, audios, images and so on transferred within seconds. Smartphones of today comes with a USB cable which is mostly attached to the charger; you can as well buy if yours doesn’t feature one.


Of course you already know what a headset, earpiece or earphone is, but do you have one? If you don’t, you’ve been missing a lot. A headset makes the music and video more enjoyable by providing a quality and clear sound; you also get to listen to your tunes while on the move. Headsets are of different types, sizes, makes, quality and the prices vary. The choice is all yours to make.

Do you wish to explore all the fun packed in your smart device? The above accessories are “must have” for you.

Are there more smartphone accessories to be added to the list? Let’s hear from you in comment below.

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