A Step By Step Guide On How To Reset Your iPad To Default

Here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how to reset your iPad to factory default settings. If you apply this guide correctly you will have everything on your iPad wiped out. This includes the settings and data, it will be returned to the state it was when you acquired it.

There’re number of reasons why you should reset your iPad, perhaps you are planning to sell it or just giving it to a new owner. Whatever the case might be, it’s advised that when transferring the ownership of any smartphone, tablet or computer it is best to reset it to default or factory settings. All your data and info will be cleared out, in that way you as well as your privacy are protected.

You can also reset your iPad to get rid of some common problems, yes it’s used as a troubleshooting tool. A lot of problems on your iPad can be resolved by just resetting it. Such problems may arise as a result of an installed app or software but once its reset, every data will be out and your iPad is up and running smoothly again.

Keep in mind that resetting your iPad doesn’t affect it negatively; it just wipes out the data and sends it back to factory default. Follow the guide provided below to reset your iPad within minutes.

How To Reset Your iPad: 1st Step

Move over to the iPad’s settings (that’s the gear icon located on the left side of the settings). Now tap on “General” and move down to “Reset”.

2nd Step

On the reset settings you’ll be provided with a number of options, but you want everything on your iPad to be deleted so you will have to select the “Erase all content and settings” option, this wipes out everything. I’ll advice you to use this option if you are selling your iPad or giving it to a total stranger.

If you are just going to give it to a family member who i’m certain will use the same iTunes account, i recommend you choose the “Reset All Settings” option. This option will only affect the settings but the data remains intact.

3rd Step

I assume you’ve selected “erase all content and settings”, you will confirm this option twice then the reset process begins. Once it’s complete, a graphic will appear asking to be plugged into iTunes.

Now you are good to go, you can now transfer the ownership of your iPad.

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