A Laptop OR Tablet, Which Is Best For You

Laptops were a miracle when they first came into the computer market; it got everyone exited that they can now perform a lot of computing tasks on-the-go with such a flexible device. Laptops were the most portable computing device and within a short period of time they gained a whole lot of popularity and dominion over computer world.

This went on until a new device was introduced, a more portable and flexible device, “The Tablet”. Tablets as well gave users computing access on-the-go and a reasonable number of people now prefer it as it’s actually very much portable than laptops. Also, most new tablets allow you attach a physical keyboard; giving it more features of a laptop.

Does this imply you should go for a tablet? Laptops on the other hand still got things a tablet won’t offer you. In this post you’ll be guided on how to choose between a tablet and laptop; by the end, you’ll definitely know the one that is best for you.


Laptops come with bigger screens and that’s one of its major advantages. On a tablet you’ll expect anything from 7 – 10 inch display, but a full laptop will offer 13 inches or more. So, if you desire a bigger display; a laptop might be the best choice.

Laptops are also designed for heavy tasks and are faster, more durable than tablets. Most tablets as mentioned earlier now support a physical keyboard but you’ll have to spend extra in order to acquire the keyboard or you are stock with the touchscreen. So, if you aren’t a fan of touchscreen devices and doesn’t want to spend more, a laptop is certainly the best option for you. You’ll have a full and more durable keyboard without any additional price.


Tablets, these are extremely high portable computing devices with touchscreen feature, enabling you control the device by touching the screen. They offer anything from a 7 inch to 10.1 inch display and are incredibly light (weigh less than 1 pound).

On a tablet you can store and play audio and videos, read books, video chat and unlike most laptops you can easily capture images or record video. If you are always on the move you’ll require a more portable computing device, a tablet will fit-in perfectly.

A Tablet OR Laptop, Which Is Best For You

Choosing between a tablet and laptop totally depends on the needs you desire to meet. If you are to perform heavy tasks, a laptop will be faster. You plan on carrying your computing device around “very often”; a tablet is lighter and will do great. To take amazing pictures on-the-go, that’s a tablet for you. Do you need a really big screen to work on? A laptop will be perfect.

It’s all about what you tend to accomplish, e.g. acquiring a tablet to perform the heavy work at office isn’t a smart move, a laptop will get things done easily there. Also getting a laptop to play music, watch videos and take pictures isn’t the right call; a tablet will perform best unless you plan on carrying 3 to 9 pounds around.

To choose between a laptop and tablet, simply figure out your needs. Only then will you discover the perfect computing device for you.

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