Purchased A New Android Phone? Here Are The First 7 Apps To Install

Congrats on your new android phone, i hope you are loving the experience; the Android OS is no doubt awesome. Now you’ve acquired a new Android device, the next thought that pops into your mind is the Apps to install on your device, right? As you already know, there are millions of applications available for download, name it; from sports apps to news apps, fun apps, internet apps and so on.

I know you can’t wait to fill-up your new Android phone with your desired apps and am here to help you out. I’ve come-up with a list of the 7 android apps that should be installed on new Android devices before anything else.

These apps are totally free, can be downloaded on Google play store (which makes them trusted) and i’m sure you’re going to love them. Check them out below.

1. Avast! Mobile Security

This is the very first app to install, protection comes first. You are going to perform a lot of activities on your Android device that will attract viruses; activities such as installing apps, receiving and transferring files.

avast! Mobile security with free antivirus for Android will protect your device from malware, spyware and malicious viruses, even against loss or theft. This free app protects against general infections, it also provides a phone locator feature that allow users locate their lost phones. Ensure to install this app before any other apps. (Although most Android device comes with default antivirus, you’re still going to need avast! Mobile Security).

2. Android Assistant

The aim of the Android Assistant app is to keep your Smartphone performance up and running. There are quite a number of apps to boost your Android performance but this is one of the best.

This app comes with a lot of features to help your deice maintain a good performance. On Android Assistant you’ll find junk data cleaner, process killers, task manager, privacy scanner and so on.

3. AppLock For Android

AppLock keeps you in total control of your android device. Am certain there are pictures, videos and documents you won’t want anyone accessing your device to see, AppLock helps you achieve that.

Using this app you can lock your pictures, videos, music, documents, contacts, messages, calls, settings, WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile network data, email, camera and individual apps as well. It gives you the option to choose from pattern lock and pin lock. If you are a lover of privacy, you’re going to need AppLock.

4. WPS Office

You’re definitely going to need an office suite to view and edit files on your Android device. Using WPS office you won’t only be able to create new documents, you can view TXT, PDF, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and MS soft word files.

5. Dolphin Browser

I won’t doubt that there are other cool free Android browsers available on the play store. Browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, UC web are awesome but we Android users only want the very best and before we choose any browser we put few things into consideration; we check its features, how fast it is, the design and so on.

The Dolphin browser has proven to be the best; it features a super-speed browsing, multiple tabs, speed dial, supports add-ons, social share, gesture, simple and friendly interface. If you browse a lot you should probably put this app first in your list.

Social Apps

I know you have a great social life, these social apps will help you maintain it; you’ll easily stay connected with friends, family and foes. There are lots of social networks out there but i’ll be listing out the basic two (2). If you can’t connect with your friends on the below social sites, then they don’t exist on any other social network.

6. Facebook

You already know how facebook works, you can add friends, add pictures, update statuses, chat with friends, create groups/pages for your business and so many more. Facebook in general keeps you connected with your friends and business and their app for Android makes it even more fun.

7. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular instant messaging app. It allows you send and receive messages to your contacts that are also on WhatsApp. You can share videos as well as images and also customize your chat background. WhatsApp automatically detects your contacts that are already using their messenger.

These are the 7 basic apps you’ll require for your new Android device. You have a great antivirus, performance booster, App Locker, amazing browser, document manager and you are in touch with your friends; these are enough to get you started. Note that all the above apps are downloadable for free on the play store.

If you feel the list of basic Android Apps doesn’t end here, let’s keep it going in comments.

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