Most Used Social Media Apps On Android

Are you an Android user? Yes? Then you already know how cool and entertaining social media apps can be on your android OS device. Social media incorporates social networks, social bookmarking sites, internet forums, magazines, video sharing sites and so on.

Social media can be used for business as well as for fun, and to utilize them better we go for their apps. Social media apps aid you socialize on-the-go, just download the app and have the fun or do the business easily right from your smart device.

As an android lover, i’ve taken today to make a brief list of the most used social media apps on android. They are just 7 apps actually, but these apps are likely to be installed in almost every android device. A huge percentage of android users can’t do without the below apps.


Facebook social app i believe is more fun than the desktop view and a whole lot better than the mobile browser view. This app comes pre-loaded on almost every android device and it’s no doubt the most used.

On facebook social media app, you can easily connect with friends, colleagues, update statuses, comment, upload and share pictures (tag friends) and a whole lot more.


The WhatsApp messenger is not much different from BBM, they both have similar features. WhatsApp for android which has been there long before blackberry messenger was introduced (for Android) is very popular among android users.

It helps you connect with friends and colleagues by detecting your contacts which are already using the messenger. You can send instant chats, share pictures and videos, send voice notes, create and join groups, update statuses and if anyone pisses you off you can easily block them.

3. Instagram

Instagram is all about the photos and “short” videos, who doesn’t love those. On Instagram android app you can follow others, upload unlimited media for your followers to view, love and comment, engage with other uploads.

Instagram is made popular by photo addicts and lovers of celebrities; it’s really fun over there and more interesting with the app.

4. TIktok

Actually a fun App filled with user submitted videos ranging from few seconds up to 10 minutes.

5. Twitter

Twitter, where you explore the trending news, gist and gossips got a whole lot more interesting with the App for Android. Twitter app makes socializing on the popular social networking site “Twitter” more enjoyable.

All the major features offered in the desktop version are all provided in the app. Follow and unfollow people, tweet and retweet, favorite, share photos and more.


YouTube app for another is one of the most popular Google app which enables you upload videos to your account, search and watch videos right from your smart device. You love watching videos online? You don’t require a laptop to do that, download the YouTube app on the play store and enjoy.


Skype which is widely known for video and voice calls have an awesome app for android, it integrates all major Skype features and the interface is just great. Perform video calls on-the-go with your friends using the Skype social media app.

Not all top social media apps for android made the list, but the above are certainly the most popular.

Do you have more to add to the list? Don’t you agree with the apps compilement? Feel free to share your thoughts in comment below.


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