Create A Nameless Folder On Your PC

Today i’ll be taking just a few minute to teach you how to create a nameless folder on your PC. This “no name” folder trick is really awesome but only works on windows operating systems. As a PC user you should already know that it’s very impossible to create a folder without a name, it’s not allowed on any operating system.

It’s either you input a name, number or your folder would automatically be named “new folder”. But the good news here is that just recently i learnt the “nameless” folder creation trick from a friend, and i think you guys will love it.

Creating a folder without a name on your PC is quite some fun. Let’s quickly skip to my newly learnt trick.

How To Create A Nameless Folder On Your PC

As i mentioned earlier, this trick will only work if you are operating on windows OS. I tried it out on windows 7, 8 & XP and it worked successfully. Follow the 4 steps below to create a nameless folder.

  • Create a new folder. I’m sure you already know how to do that. Just move to your library, in documents, pictures e.t.c right click, select new, select folder and create a folder with any name of your choice.
    • Now right click on the created folder and select “rename”, then delete the folder name.
      • You’ve deleted the folder name, right? Now hold the “ALT” key, from the numbers on the right hand side of your keyboard press 999999999 (that’s 9, nine times).
        • Then leave the “ALT” key and hit the “enter” key.

The folder now has a blank name, right? It’s as easy as that.

Once you’ve successfully tried out this trick, notify us via comment on how long it took you. Also share this to your friends and let’s know how awesome they said it was.

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