Extend Your Android Device Battery Capacity In 6 Ways

Android devices are commonly known for running down easily, that’s due to the fact that they are high-end devices and such devices comes with powerful applications without having a reasonable battery capacity to back it up. But will you move down to lower mobile phones or use fewer apps on your device as a result of this?

Below, I shall be explaining how to extend your android device battery life in 6 ways, so if you happen to be experiencing this problem, this brief post will be of a great help.

1. Moderate Your Screen Brightness

Most users android device screen brightness are set to the highest level (it’s default in most new android phones). Ensure that your device screen isn’t too bright, moderate and adjust with it. Better still, if your device features an auto mode option for the screen, go with the option. High screen performance can have a huge negative impact on your device battery life.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

These two apps can drain the battery of your device faster than you expect, if you make use of Wi-Fi more often you’ll probably notice it consumes a lot from the battery compared to other apps. I don’t imply that you shouldn’t utilize your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but always switch them off when not in use to avoid draining of your battery when you are not even enjoying them.

3. Do Not Use Animated Theme

I know that these animated themes when used as wallpapers or screen savers gives your device the beauty. But those movements these themes make are actually powered by your battery; it drains extra from your device. It’s much better to go for the static (fixed) wallpapers; it’s not that bad either.

4. Do Not Let It Vibrate

Most android device comes with vibration enabled on almost everything, especially the keypad. If vibration is still enabled on your games, apps, calls, you’re vigilantly killing your battery. Yes you can switch to vibration mode on emergency but outside that, your android device should avoid vibration.

5. Turn Off Your Data After Use

This doesn’t only save your battery; it also saves your data or airtime as most apps update automatically, apps like Gmail. Ensure to turn off your data immediately after browsing for a longer battery life.

6. Fully Charge Your Battery

Finally, It’s advised to charge your device fully after purchase and avoid using your android device much when plugged-in, it’s not healthy for the battery.

I hope this helps to extend your android device battery life.

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