How Do I Make My PC Run Faster?

If you’ve been using a computer for long and the necessary care isn’t taken, it’ll surely get to a state where the computer starts performing slowly and there are quite a lot of things that contributes to that. Slow computers on the other hand are extremely annoying and time consuming, when working on a sluggish PC you’ll end-up completing a 20minutes work in an hour or two and that’s frustrating.

So, if your once fast PC suddenly began operating slowly, there’s no need to panic. Below, i will be listing out the 3 major ways to increase the performance of your PC.

How Do I Make My PC Run Faster?

1. Disable All Unnecessary Startup Programs

Startup programs are those programs that automatically start running once your computer is booted. If you enable much startup programs on your PC, they all will run once the computer starts hereby slowing down its performance. The solution here is to disable all unnecessary startup programs on your PC.

To disable the unnecessary startup programs on Windows OS computers, click on “run” – on the “search programs and files” box type-in msconfig and hit the enter key. On the popup that will display, select startup and uncheck all those startup programs you don’t find necessary, then apply setting and restart your PC for the change to take effect.

2. Free Up Some Space

Not having enough storage space is one of the key reasons most computers performance are slow. You don’t expect your PC to operate smoothly if your hard drive is filled up, you need to free up some space and always preserve at least 20% of your hard drive space.

To view the available space on your hard drive, move on to libraries, on the left side click on computer then left-click on local disk and select properties. If your hard drive is almost filled up, locate and delete all unnecessary files on your PC (especially the large files), then restart your computer and monitor its performance.

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3. Ensure Your Antivirus Is Strong Enough

Sluggish PC performance is most times as a result of having a virus. It’s always advised to have a strong antivirus on your computer, in that way your system will be fully protected.

There are quite a number of antiviruses out there but only few are actually equal to the protection task. Search and make use of only the known, tested and trusted antivirus. Also scan your PC occasionally.

If you’re experiencing a slow PC performance, apply these 3 easy instructions above and have your PC running smoothly again. I hope it helps.

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