How To Easily Uninstall Pre-installed Apps On Android Devices

A reasonable percentage of Smartphones out there are running on Android OS. It’s easy to operate and offers a sharp performance and simple background. As we Smartphone users already know, no Android device comes with an empty menu, they come with lots of pre-installed apps to improve user experience.

Some of these pre-installed apps will definitely be useful to you while others won’t and to save your device memory and battery life am sure you know you have to uninstall unnecessary apps. Now, you can easily uninstall some pre-installed apps through your device settings but it’s only a few of them that can grant you that access. Others doesn’t have an uninstall option but that’s no longer going to be a problem.

Today, i will be explaining in details how to easily uninstall pre-installed apps on your Android device, the process is very easy. Follow the below guide and in just few minutes you’ll have all unnecessary pre-installed apps out of your device.

Firstly: Before moving to the next paragraph, note that to uninstall these default apps you need to root your Android device. The apps required to carry out this process can only work perfectly on rooted Android devices. So, if your Android Smartphone isn’t rooted, that’s the first thing you’ll have to do, root it.

Rooting your device wouldn’t be a big deal, you can easily search for a guide on rooting your Android device on Google (e.g. how to root Samsung galaxy s22), you’ll surely find an easy Android rooting guide.

How To Easily Uninstall Pre-installed Apps On Android Devices

I suppose your Android device is already rooted and ready to enjoy its privileges. I’ll be introducing 2 amazing Android apps to you below; with these apps you can easily un-install any default app stock on your Android device within minutes.

(1) Uninstall Master Uninstaller

Just as the name implies, this particular Android app enables you freeze and unfreeze, uninstall and restore, backup, sort, find your apps and share them to friends. Uninstall Master Uninstaller is all you need to uninstall or disable pre-installed apps on your Android device.

(2) Root App Delete

This app is most suitable for low memory Android Smartphones, it’s tiny and fast, offering similar features as seen in the first app and most importantly, RootAppDelete allows you uninstall pre-installed apps on Android devices.

Uninstalling pre-installed apps has never been made so easy. Use the above apps, enjoy your Android device, and thank me later.

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