How To Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Who doesn’t want to know who viewed his or her facebook profile, majority would love to. I myself have long searched for possible ways to make this work and have come across many scammers promising to teach you how to see who viewed your facebook profile and even the time they did. But at the end, all they are after are likes, comments and you to share their scams to your friends.

The good news is that recently i found something genuine. Thanks to Saurabh Saha of TechGYD blog who arose with a simple trick to discover who visited your facebook profile. I know facebook doesn’t support this feature yet but it works 100% perfectly.

So, for facebook users who desire to know all that are stalking their profile, you can easily do that with Profile Visitors for Facebook.

Profile visitors for facebook is a Google Chrome AddOn that’ll enable you view all that peeped into your facebook profile.

How Profile Visitors For Facebook Works

  1. Profile visitors for facebook is a chrome extension. So, firstly you have to download Google Chrome if you don’t have it already.

2. Once on Chrome browser, download profile visitors for facebook and install.

3. Sign-in to your facebook account and a “Visitors” button will be displayed at the top-bar.

To know who visited or is viewing your facebook profile, all you have to do is click the “Visitors” button and it’ll popup a list showcasing them all with their time of visit. You can also keep the popup open to get live report on those viewing your profile. It’s as easy as that.

Note that profile visitors for facebook can only generate reports of those viewing your facebook profile that also have the AddOn installed and visiting via the same chrome browser it’s installed on. So, have your facebook friends you want to monitor their visits to your profile install this amazing extension.

Is there any other way to find out who visited our facebook profile? Yes? Let’s hear from you in comment.

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