List Of Apps To Boost Your WiFi Signal

Having a strong WiFi signal implies having a superfast browsing, high download speed and these am sure is the desire of every smartphone user. But as you might already know, there are quite a lot of things that can weaken a WiFi signal strength such as distance, number of connected devices, network strength and so on.

Smartphone devices come with default WiFi scanner which can detect and display available WiFi networks but they can’t provide the details you’ll require to choose best and stronger WiFi networks to connect to. If you are experiencing such problems; it’s not going to be an issue anymore.

I’ve compiled a list of the best Apps to boost your WiFi signal. These Apps will provide you with more data to aid you determine the best available WiFi network to use.

WiFi Analyzer

The WiFi Analyzer is a top downloaded app, currently with 117,779 5star rating on play store. This app helps you locate less crowded channel for your wireless router. All the info you’ll require on the available WiFi networks will be displayed, enabling you to choose the best for faster internet services.

WiFi Manager

WiFi manager is an awesome app that makes it possible for you to search for and switch to the best available network. You can easily find, connect and manage WiFi networks with this app.

WiFi manager provides users the option to switch among their favorite networks, assign custom description and icons to individual WiFi networks and also display your favorite WiFi networks on your home screen as a widget. It offers graphical radar to help improve your connection quality.

WiFi Connect

Using the WiFi connect you can quickly search, find and connect to a good WiFi network. This app is downloadable for free on the play store and provides you with all the information you’ll need regarding available WiFi networks.

Information such as the signal strength, IP number, link speed, security type, channel number e.t.c. with these details, choosing the best WiFi network won’t be a problem. WiFi connect also provides notification feature.

WiFi Radar

View the wireless networks around you and analyze signals, that’s the work of the WiFi radar. It displays the physical location of wireless networks (with the use of your devices’ digital compass, it determines the location of each available network). WiFi radar features three signal analyzers – Radar scan, channel analyzer and signal strength graph analyzer.

WiFi Finder

Just as the name implies, the WiFi finder allows you scan and connect to all available WiFi networks; it’s more like a WiFi scanner. The list of available networks on WiFi finder contains channel, graphics level, and encryption. This is a light, simple and easy to use app.

WiFi Booster Easy Connect

WiFi booster easy connect locates available open WiFi networks in malls, café e.t.c and you can quickly connect with just a single click. Using this app you won’t have to stress yourself with the trouble of finding and connecting to public WiFi networks, just install it and it does the work for you.

That’s all, the best 6 apps to boost your WiFi signal. With the above apps, finding and connecting to the best WiFi networks has been made easy.

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