List Of Cheap High-Class Smartphones To Buy

Cheap smartphones have taken over the mobile market, with as low as €30 one can acquire a quality android smartphone and as time goes on i’m certain cheaper smartphones will surface.

In this post, i will be listing out not just any cheap smartphone but those of high quality with top specs and at the same time very affordable. This list is backed up by the display size (not below 4-inch), processor, storage capacity, RAM and Os version. These are the most important features in a smartphone and the below devices got the best of them at an extremely low price.

Note that all the listed smartphones are below €30.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite

The Samsung galaxy ace 4 lite is a lower version of the first galaxy ace 4 but its features are still great. It comes with a 4 inch TFT display with 480 X 800 pixels resolution and runs Android v4.4.2 kitkat on a 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM size, 4GB ROM and 32GB on memory card. The price of Samsung galaxy ace 4 lite ranges from €30 to €45.

Other specs –
3.15MP back camera
3G connectivity, up to 21mbps
Dual-SIM support
1500mAh battery capacity

Nokia Lumia 530

Featuring a 4 inch touchscreen, the Nokia Lumia 530 is one of the most affordable Lumia phones with a dual-SIM support. It operates on windows phone 8.1 with a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, offering a 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM and 128GB on memory card. The price of Nokia Lumia 530 ranges from €30 to €45.

Other specs –
5MP camera
1430mAh battery
3G connectivity
15GB free oneDrive storage
Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP

Innjoo i1s

Innjoo smartphones are gradually making a name in mobile market, this brand is known for producing very affordable Android smartphones. The Innjoo i1s is a 5 inch display smartphone running Android 4.4 kitkat with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. The specs of this smartphone are just too great and the price is below €30.

Other specs –
5MP back camera
0.3MP front camera
3G support
8GB ROM, up to 32GB on memory card
1900mAh battery capacity

Smart S720i

The Smart S720i is one of the cheapest smartphone and an upgrade to the smart-mini. It comes with a 4 inch display and operates on Android v4.2 jelly bean with a 1.3GHz performance. It supports double SIM. Smart S720i can be bought for €20.

Other specs –
2MP rear camera / Front camera
512MB RAM, 4GB built-in memory, 32GB on microSD card
3G support
1500mAh battery

Nokia X

The Nokia Android 4.1 smartphone featuring a 1GHz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM. Nokia X has a 4 inch IPS capacitive touch-display with 480 X 800 pixels resolution. The price of Nokia X ranges from €30 to €45.

Other specs –
3.15MP camera
1500mAh battery
Dual micro-SIM
3G/3.5G internet
4GB ROM, 32GB via memory card

These are the 5 high-class smartphones you can acquire at a price below €30. There are a number of low-cost smartphones out there which you can also tryout, but the above has a lot more to offer.

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