NWAG Scholarship Program For Undergraduates 2024

NWAG (National Women’s Association of Georgia) is scholarship program that is  committed to empowering individuals to realize their academic aspirations. As an organization deeply rooted in the belief that education is a catalyst for positive change, NWAG has been at the forefront of empowering individuals since its inception. Over the years, There are witnesses of countless success stories of talented individuals who, with the help of a scholarship, were able to break free from financial constraints and pursue their educational dreams. In this article, We are going to delve deeper to eligibility criteria,  details, benefits and requirement of 2024 NWAG scholarship program.

Details About 2024 NWAG Scholarship Program For Undergraduates

The NWAG Scholarship Program, organized by the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG), offers scholarships each year to help needy Nigerian students. This year, NWAG is excited to announce its 2024 scholarship program, specifically for female undergraduates in Nigerian universities. The NWAG scholarship provides a special chance for female undergraduates in Nigerian universities to get financial assistance for their education. Aligned with our goal, NWAG is excited to introduce its scholarship initiative for 2024, designed to assist female undergraduates studying in Nigerian universities. This scholarship offers a special chance for female students in Nigerian universities to receive financial aid for their studies.

Benefits Of 2024 NWAG Scholarship For Undergraduates

Each undergraduate student enrolled in a Nigerian university who earns the 2024 Scholarship Award will be given three hundred U.S. dollars ($300). Additionally, one hundred and fifty U.S. dollars ($150) will be given to each student who comes in first place as a runner-up.

Eligibility Criteria For 2024 NWAG Scholarship For Undergraduates

To qualify for the 2024 NWAG Scholarship, you need to meet these conditions:

– You must be Nigerian.

– You must be a female.

– You must be good at English.

Requirements 2024 NWAG Scholarship For Undergraduates

Here’s is the requirements for the 2024 NWAG Scholarship:

– Proof of where you’re from: Get a letter from your university or local government office.

– Two recommendation letters from:

– Religious leader (like a pastor or imam)

– Village leader

– Local government chairperson

– University teacher or department head

– One recommendation letter from your faculty dean or department head.

– Copy of your university student ID.

– Recent photo of yourself.

– Write a short explanation of why you need and deserve the scholarship (less than one page).

– Write a two-page essay, double-spaced.

The Deadline Date For 2024 NWAG Scholarship For Undergraduates

The deadline date for 2024 NWAG scholarship for undergraduates is May 31,2024.

How To Apply For NWAG Scholarship For Undergraduates

To apply for 2024 NWAG scholarship program, Visit their official website or CLICK HERE to apply for the scholarship program.





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