Earn As A Student Using These Apps

You might face some challenges while studying overseas, this can go from difficulty in adapting to new and unfamiliar environment, managing your funds and actually studying. With all these, most international student that intend to work and earn while in school find it hard to do so. Thankfully today, technology has come in play and over the years it has really made a lot of things easier.

Today we’ll be listing out several apps which you as a student can earn from and they wouldn’t interfere with your schooling activities. Keep in mind that there are a lot of apps out there promising such features but will eventually be wasting your efforts, the genuine ones are quite few and we have taken out time to single them out.

On these apps you just have to perform simple tasks which you might already be doing day to day. You can earn by selling photos you’ve taken with your smartphone, doing simple surveys, even shopping. Whatever it is, it will not get in the way of your studies overseas, you could have them done while spending time with friends or relaxing in the comfort of your dorm.


Using this app, you can earn by simply taking pictures. The best part of this particular platform is that you get to charge as you desire for your photos, making your income possibilities as a student immeasurable. There are a lot of nice settings overseas and around your school of which you can take advantage of and provide nice pictures to easily sell.


One of my favorites. This app will basically pay you for performing activities you’ve been doing day to day. These tasks can be done on your smartphone or laptop and they range from taking surveys, shopping, web search. Once completed, you will be given swagbucks which you can eventually trade or have the funds sent to you PayPal.

Survey Junkie

According to the site, thousands of people make use of this on a daily basis and upon registration you can begin accessing available surveys to take. On this particular app you can basically earn while relaxing, you can be chatting with people, having your lunch or just hanging out in your dorm and completing these surveys on the go.


Last on the list is Bookscouter, a great app with company located in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. As a student you will be acquainted with books of course, why throw these books away while you can just sell them off. This app will find the best buying offers available for such books.

Job Spotter

While this app doesn’t really help you find a job as the name implies, it will still earn you some cash. All you are required to do is look for job vacancies which can be seen on grocery stores or newspapers, snap and upload them and that’s it. You will be awarded points for doing so. Note that job vacancies in postings aren’t hard to find, just look around.

We hope that the above listed apps are helpful and will fetch in some extra funds to you as a student.


  1. I’m a student ND I really need to be doing something to help my self for school fees

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