How To Buy The Perfect Laptop: A Brief Guide

Have you finally decided to acquire a laptop? And you want to do it without making mistakes. This brief guide is all you’ll need. There are quite a lot of laptops out there, produced by different brands with different specs and prices. But to ensure you don’t make the wrong choice you’ll have to go for a laptop with the features you require. Let’s say you plan on connecting to the internet through WiFi, you’ll need a laptop with a WiFi feature.

Here’s how this guide is going to work – Before you proceed on searching for the laptop with all the specs you’ll require, we will first have to make a list of quality and sound laptops then from there you can now compare to select the ones with the most or all the features you need.

Now, to locate top quality laptops, you’ll make use of the points below. The below are the four major features that makes up a great laptop.

Wait, Do You Really Need A Laptop?

That’s the very first question to ask yourself, do i really need a laptop? Don’t tell me you are buying one because a friend did, are you? Or do you plan just to game the life out of it? I’ll recommend you buy a gaming console.

A laptop as you might already know is a portable desktop, it helps you perform certain tasks that can’t be done on a smartphone. I don’t expect you to acquire one just to chat with friends and read your mails, a smartphone got all that covered. It’s still your choice to make. If you’ve concluded to acquire a laptop, proceed below.

What Makes Up A Great Laptop

To locate top quality laptops and make a list of them in order to compare and select the best as stated above, you’ll be making use of the below features. The below four specs are what makes up a good laptop.


The quality and durability of a laptop is mostly determined by the brand. The choice is still yours to make, even a new and unpopular brand can produce a top quality laptop, but it’s best you choose from any of the popular brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Apple, Sony, Toshiba and so on.


You can choose the display size of your choice, we have the 11-18 inch laptops but the 15-inched ones seem to be more popular. However, it depends on how portable you want your device to be. The display size isn’t the problem but the resolution is, it’s best you go for laptops with more screen resolution. The more pixels it has, the more vivid the display is.

Hardware And Software

  • You need to be more careful with the below features, the overall performance of your laptop is in their hands.
  • Processor: The processor is a crucial part of the computer; it actually controls the performance speed. The theory here is simple, the higher the number of cores in the processor, the higher the performance.
  • RAM: It’s best to go for a laptop with a reasonable RAM size. You’ll definitely run high-end apps and multitask. To ensure you achieve these without difficulties, budget for a laptop with more RAM. An 8GB RAM is perfect, a 4GB will be ok.
  • Hard Disk: Do you plan to store heavy documents on your laptop? Then settle for a large hard disk. It’s where all those videos, audios, files, application, programs and so on are stored.

Battery Life

I’m certain you already know how important the battery of any device is. If you don’t plan to invest on a power bank, i’ll recommend you go for a laptop with high battery capacity. Although it still depends on the screen brightness and activities you perform on your laptop, but a quality battery will keep it up and running for a reasonable amount of time.

The above are the basic features to consider in choosing a good laptop. With the above points, i believe you can easily locate and make a list of the best laptops available, then compare to know the one with the design and features (e.g WLAN & Bluetooth) you require.

As i mentioned earlier, there are tons of laptops available in the market and online, offering different features. But with this guide, you will definitely end up with the perfect laptop.


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