Smartphone Security: 7 Ways To Secure Your Smartphone

Who doesn’t have a Smartphone? It’s a modern world where you’ll discover kids and grandpas have a more powerful Smartphone than yours. Smartphones? They are just everywhere.

So, today we will be discussing about the security of your Smartphone. You take it everywhere, this minute it’s in your pocket, the next it’s in the office, bedroom. It’s a crucial part of your life and it stores some of your private data as well. This goes from emails, passwords, contacts, bank account.., and if not protected they may be compromised.

I’m aware that there are a number of operating systems a Smartphone can work on, we have the popular Android, Blackberry OS, Apple iOS and windows, but none of them are specially protected from harm. Without the right security measures, your smart device can be a victim.

The below are possible ways to guarantee the security of your Smartphone.

Install An Anti-virus

Smartphones aren’t only meant to receive calls and send text messages; you’ll eventually find yourself receiving and transferring files, downloading different files online. All these and related activities attracts virus. So, installing a strong anti-virus app should be a top priority and if you don’t already have one installed, please do so before reading the rest of this article; Smartphones without an anti-virus aren’t allowed to read my articles ;-). There are dozens of anti-malware apps available, but i’ve had a great experience with Avast and Norton. I recommend you try it out.

Lock It With A Password

Yes it still works and is actually a very important mobile security measure. Locking your Smartphone with a password seems outdated, right? I mean, why not opt for the modern and easy pattern lock. But do you know that i can now successfully unlock a pattern locked phone (i learnt the trick recently). All i have to do is follow the trail left by your fingers while unlocking your device, am always successful after the second or third trial.

So, move over to your device settings, head to security, ignore the pattern lock option and select the pin/password lock. If your still in love with the beautiful pattern lock, note that i’m certain am not the only one who knows the unlocking trick.

Only Download Official Apps

Official apps are apps available only at your OS app store, (for example) we have the Google play store for Android OS. For security sake, only download from your app store, no matter how interesting an outside app might be. Also take your time to go through readers’ review of an app before installing it, in that way you can be 100% sure it works as described.

Avoid Unknown WiFi Networks

I’m sure you already know where am getting at, all those unsecured Wi-Fi networks you come across, connect to in order to enjoy free browsing are awfully dangerous. Believe me; the disadvantages are worth more than the free browsing. It’s best to only connect to trusted WiFi networks or better still browse with your own data.

Apply Extra Security By Encrypting Your Smartphone

Do you know that one can gain access to documents on your password protected Smartphone by plugging it to a computer? But when encrypted, such won’t be possible. So, after you’ve locked your Smartphone with a pin/password, create an extra security by encrypting your important files.

Never Root Your Smartphone

That’s one of the greatest risk a Smartphone user can take. Rooting has its own little advantage but with a much bigger disadvantage. By rooting your device, not only are you voiding your contract, you are giving a free pass to unofficial apps; leaving the security of your sensitive data on the line. It’s best to avoid rooting and stick with what your Smartphones has to offer.

Stay Updated

The last and one of the most important Smartphone security tip, ensure that your OS is up to date. Once updates are released, don’t hesitate to install them.

These are the 7 easiest ways to secure your Smartphone. With the above tips applied, your smart device will be as secured as a world bank.


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