Top 5 Free Music Apps For Your Android

Who doesn’t listen to music? If there is, then the person is likely to be the most boring human on planet earth. Be it the young or old, there’s a particular song they can’t live without.

For Android Smartphone users, listening to music is a day-to-day activity which i suppose when ranked according to priority comes next after making calls and browsing the net. Android Smartphone comes with default audio players, but to improve your music experience and enjoy your music time you’ll need more than a default or built-in player.

Generally, default music players don’t offer much functionality and with tons of audio players available on the play store, it’s hard to find the perfect and at the same time free one. But not to worry, i’ve composed a list of top 5 free music apps for your android device.

So, all you have to do is go through them, read their specs and go for the ones that meets up to your taste.

1. Equalizer+ Player

As the name implies, the equalizer+ is focused towards improving your sound quality and volume. From this app you can access your music library; control up to 5 different band frequencies and for music with low sound frequency, equalizer+ provides a base amplifier option through which you can boost the volume. Also, with spectrum analyzer you can picture your music sound.

Equalizer+ MP3 player gives you the option to set different frequencies for your songs, it offers a simple interface and provides much more interesting features.

2. doubleTwist Player

With over 90,000 five star ratings on play store; the doubleTwist music player is definitely being enjoyed by lots of users. This music app is totally free and not a trial version, it only offers some premium features.

Using doubleTwist music player you’ll no longer have to move to different apps to change music. This app is far much better and superior to default Android music players. You should try it out.

3. Poweramp Player

Poweramp is an interesting music player for Android, featuring lots of audio formats, from mp3, mp4, flac, ape, mpc, wav and so many more. For all formats, it has 10 band optimized graphical equalizer.

Other features of this app include – treble adjustment, stereo expansion, dynamic queue, mono mixing and so on.

4. Songza – Music & Audio

Known for playing the right music at the perfect time, Songza grants you access to thousands of original playlists handmade by music experts. You can save your favorite playlists and also share them to friends on facebook or twitter right from this app. Songza is a great free music app to tryout.

5. Shazam

Shazam is one of the best free music app for android offering a lot more features for a better experience. According to the app description, once you shazam your music you can easily share your discoveries on top social networks, see songs recommendations from friends, and sing along to the beat with real time lyrics. This app will surely make your music time worth it.

That’s the top 5 free music apps for your android. I’ve used the first 3 and they are awesome, as well as the rest.

Do you have different music apps on your android device? Have you come across any interesting music & audio app? Lets get to know them in comments.


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