Change Color Of Folders In Windows Computer

Do you know you can actually change the color of folders in your windows computer? This awesome trick has been around for quite a long time but i’m certain a large percentage of windows pc users don’t know it exists. Just when you think there’s no more cool trick to be discovered on the windows OS, more new tricks keep surfacing.

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So, back to the main point. Here’s how to change color of folders in windows computer, the trick is very simple. You might already know that apart from making your folder collection look beautiful you can also use this folder creation trick to mark and easily indicate folders. Let’s say you have tons of folders on your pc and you gave the video folder a red color, of course you won’t have to search for it regardless the number of folders you have; the color makes the folder much more easier to locate.

How To Colorize Folders In Windows Computer

To change the color of your windows pc folders we will be making use of a software, the Folder Colorizer. This software is light and totally virus free. Follow the below 3 steps to have your folders in different colors.

Download Folder Colorizer

Install it on your windows computer

Now move over to any folder, right-click on it, select the “colorize!” option and select a color.

Tadaaa!! The color of the chosen folder is changed

Yes, it’s that simple. Just download the software and install it like any other software. Once the installation is complete, move over to any folder and right –click on it then select “colorize” to choose any color for that particular folder.

How Cool Is This Trick?

I’ll love to hear from you once you’ve tried out this trick. Let’s know how cool you think it is in comment below.

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