My Top 15 Favorite Android Apps

Applications installed on your device sometimes define who you are. Seeing more sports apps on your Smartphone shows that you are a huge sports fan, more browsing apps indicates you love surfing the web and lots of social networking apps shows you loves chatting and connecting with people.

I’m a lover of Android devices, i love this OS a lot and i’ve been operating on it for quite some years. At present, i have 87 Apps installed on my Android Smartphone, lots of media players and social networking apps. I love watching movies, listening to music and i really chat a lot.

Out of my 87 Apps, i have listed out my top 15 favorite android apps, others are important as well but i make use of the below apps more often.

1. Chrome Browser

As you may already know, the Google chrome is a sharp browser, i have Mozilla Firefox, Opera-mini and UC browser installed but the chrome browser seems to meet-up with my taste. You can save bookmarks, favorite and experience a fast browsing while working on multiple tabs. Google chrome is totally free.

2. VLC Player

One of the best free media player out there supporting a wide range of media formats. I watch a lot of movies and most times i end-up copying them from the disc directly to my Smartphone and i realized that mostly, other media players encounter problems trying to play those movies but the VLC player just stands out. The VLC media player has tons of functionalities that makes it even more interesting and it’s totally free.

3. WordPress App For Android

This App won’t be useful to you if you aren’t running your blog on WordPress, but if you do, i recommend you download it right away. Using the WordPress app, you can create new posts; edit pages, moderate comments and so on. It makes running of wordpress blogs much more easy. Although i don’t really create posts with this app, it’s perfect for editing already published posts and moderating comments. WordPress App can be downloaded for free on the play store.

4. Facebook Apps

By Facebook apps i mean, the default app, messenger and page manager. With Facebook app for Android i update my status, upload images, edit my profile; with Facebook messenger i can stay connected with friends and chat for a quite a long time and with the page manager i control my Facebook pages. I utilize Facebook fully with these apps.

5. Twitter App

Tweeting, uploading pictures, using twitter as a whole has never been made so easy. This app keeps me connected on twitter and provides features enabling me do lots of stuffs within minutes. If you spend much time on twitter, i recommend you checkout this Twitter App.

6. WhatsApp

The whatsapp messenger is an amazing app, keeps me connected with my contacts on the popular chat network “WhatsApp”. Facebook is more of a business to me, so i spend a reasonable amount of my free time on WhatsApp interacting, sharing images and videos with my buddies.

7. Gmail

I make use of Gmail and with this App i don’t have to visit any browser to access my mails. The Gmail App notifies you once you’ve been sent a mail; you can easily read and manage your mails using this app.

8. Google Analytics

Of course i monitor my blogs performance from time to time and the Google Analytics app helps me achieve that without much stress. All i have to do is visit the app and it provides me with a detailed Analytics report on my blog. You can view the number of visitors you received, traffic sources, landing pages, pages views and much more.

9. Photo Merge

You can make your pictures more appealing by editing and arranging them, that’s the work of PhotoMerge. Just as the name implies, this app merges pictures to provide the best look. I use this to combine couple of pictures together and come-up with something awesome.

  1. YouTube
  2. Google Play Store
  3. Blackberry Messenger
  4. Pinterest
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Adobe Reader

Note that all the above Apps are downloadable for free at Google Play Store. That’s my top 15 favorite android apps. Are you already using any of these apps? Do you have a different list of favorite apps? Let’s hear from you in comments.


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